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The Bridge at ChrisLeigh Farm

Photo Gallery

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Wedding - Its All in the Details Wedding - Its All in the Details Professionally printed sign for the car 178012730 Bride wore blue shoes to match the bridesmaids' dresses 178012731 Labels made for the bridesmaids' hangers 178012732 Nice headpiece for the bride 178012733 Programs designed by the groom and monogram tissues for the criers 178012734 Hand-made satin bags for the bird seed 178012735 Photos of the bride and groom on a loop 178012736 Touches of blue everywhere 178012737 Hand-painted by the groom's sister 178012738 Engagement book printed by Shutterfly 178012739 Drink station 178012740 Recipe books for all the cookies baked for the guests 178012741 A little different knot for the chair - tied by Elegant Chair Solutions 178012742 Cookie Table - home baked goods by the bride and groom's friends and family as a thank you for coming 178012744 Guests took a small box and filled it with the cookies of their choice 178012745 All the cookies were displayed on square white ceramic dishes - a theme throughout the wedding 178012743 178012746 178012747 Monogram cookies 178012753 178012748 Monogram chocolates made by the bride's mother 178012749 Groom chose a homemade ice cream bar instead of a groom's cake. Ice cream made by the bride and groom's parents 178012750 Photo of the bride and groom when they were only 4 and a re-creation of the photo now 178012751 Dedication to a special friend of the bride who passed away that year 178012752 Elegant Chair Solutions has Mr and Mrs. chair covers 178012754 Monogram flag at the reception 178012755 Ribbon wrapped votive candles and signs to identify the family tables 178013429 Unity Candle with 3 taper candles - one taper candle for each set of parents to light 178013430 Hand-made satin roses with bird seed inside the flower 178013431 Designed programs to match invitations 178013432 Full family photo 178013433 Cakes By Mom and Me did a beautiful job with the cake and it tasted GREAT! 178013434 A few Tennessee items added to the groom's table 178013435 Apple-themed wedding touch 178013436 12 Days Before the Wedding Gifts for the bride to open - one per day 178013993 Apple themed wedding favors - apple cider bottles stacked on glass with lights on the inside 178013994 Bride personalized bags for her bridesmaids and gave them several goodies as a thank you for standing beside her during the wedding 178013995 Iron wall hanging - a little something different on the table and helps hold down the cloth for an outdoor wedding 178013996 Orange and white M&M's in an orange hand-made paper cone for the Out of Town Guest Hotel bags 178013997 100 Days Before the Wedding Chain - MOB asked friends and family to write a note for the bride for Day 100 down to Day of the Wedding and linked them together. Bride pulled one link off per day and read it. Total surprise to the bride. 178013998